What is an alternative on-demand service?

Alternative on-demand service offers public transit in areas with few riders. On-demand service has been used in many cities across North America who face similar barriers to run public transit in spread out communities.

How would the alternative on-demand service work?

Riders would be picked-up from a set location and taken to a nearby transfer hub. This works both ways -- riders can book a trip from a transfer hub to their destination. At the hub, riders can transfer onto the regular fixed-route network without extra charge.

What areas of the City would benefit from on-demand service?

Several neighbourhoods and wards would benefit from on-demand service. They include:

  • Parkdale


  • Neebing Ward


  • Fort William First Nation


How do I learn more?

If you ride on route 4 or 6 or live within the Neebing and Fort William areas, we are having meetings to discuss the on-demand service. The meetings will be held at the following dates and times:

  • Feb 5

    West Arthur Community Centre

  • Feb 6

    FWFN Community Centre

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