What is this project?

This project looks at how the existing conventional transit system can be changed to better meet community needs. A new network is proposed which will offer better service and grow ridership.

Why are we doing this project now?

Thunder Bay residents want better transit service. Using the ideas of the 2012 Transit Master Plan, we have developed an improved network that is possible to run with the current budget.

Project methodology

The project was completed in four phases:

  • Understand

    the existing transit service

  • Build

    a new network based on public input and technical analyses

  • Look

    at both new and existing networks to see what works better

  • Create

    a plan to build the selected network

What we found

Of the 17 routes, routes 1, 2, and 3M carry over half of the daily trips. A lot of people are travelling between the north and south cores and to key destinations like Lakehead University, Confederation College and the regional hospital. There are some long, curved routes outside the city core that run with few riders most of the day.

  • What we heard

    Today, customers have issues with long travel times, unreliable service, long wait times for buses and a lack of service on evenings and weekends. We hear your concerns and are making reasonable improvements.

  • Who is involved in this study?

    We are working closely with key stakeholders and groups from across the Thunder Bay community. This includes students, seniors, First Nations communities, individuals with disabilities, transit staff, and many others.

  • How will the proposed new bus network be different from the current one?

    Parts of some routes have been added to others or taken away to create simple, straight and fast bus routes. The biggest change is the proposed on-demand service for bus routes that carry few people. Some successful routes have remained unchanged.

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  • Are the new bus routes final?

    Unless we missed anything big, the proposed network is not expected to change much before being shown to City Council, who will decide if the new network is put in place. Something big could be missing service to an important place, like a shopping centre, hospital or school.

  • When will the proposed bus routes change?

    Once we’ve heard from you, route network recommendations will be finalized and presented to City Council in a final report for approval later this year. The timing of the new network will be set after Council’s approval. Keep in mind that services will be changed gradually, so that costs do not increase and so customers are able to get used to service changes.

  • Alternative On-Demand Service

    Alternative on-demand service offers public transit in areas with few riders. On-demand service has been used in many cities across North America who face similar barriers to run public transit in spread out communities.

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What's next?

To show you our proposed network, we will host drop-in sessions at the dates and locations below. We’ll be there, ready to chat about the proposed changes how they will provide you with a more reliable and simpler transit service.

  • Feb 5

    Lakehead University Centre Agora

  • Feb 5

    Waterfront Terminal

  • Feb 6

    City Hall Lobby

  • Feb 6

    Intercity Shopping Centre

  • Feb 7

    Confederation College SUCCI Lounge

Additional meetings will be held specifically for on-demand service.

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